After losing out on big prospect, O’Neill’s Discovery Labs takes on cell-gene therapy manufacturing

Developer Brian O’Neill’s Discovery Labs in King of Prussia was one of two sites in Montgomery County that had made a list compiled by Eli Lilly & Co. in a nationwide search for 450,000 square feet of space for a production facility but the pharmaceutical company ultimately selected a location in Durham, North Carolina.

The announcement by Lilly was made on Jan. 21 and a day later, O’Neill announced he had teamed up with Deerfield Management Co. to launch the Center for Breakthrough Medicines in 680,000 square feet at Discovery Labs that will serve as a manufacturing facility for companies needing a place to outsource cell-and-gene therapy production. On Jan. 22, O’Neill and Tony Khoury, a board member of Discovery Labs and an engineer at Project Pharma, were speaking at the 2020 Phacilitate World Stem Cell Summit in Miami discussing the future of gene therapy manufacturing…

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